and sexual hygiene, and wash used towel s, underwear and basin

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Swimming pool equipment in the use process, its easily contaminated parts will inevitably appear a large number of dust, if not cleaned up in time, the dust will become bigger and bigger, and eventually form stubborn stains, the harm is quite great. Therefore, people must regularly wipe the dust on the swimming equipment with clean towels to prevent these stains from affecting the water quality. Once a part of the swimming pool equipment is found to be obviously abnormal, such as loosening, aging and so on. According to the damage, if the parts are seriously damaged, the new parts should be replaced in time. If the parts are only slightly worn, you can ask a professional to repair them. To some extent, you can save some maintenance costs.

Schools are also being reformed for autistic children. In that year, Lele was changed to study in each major for half a year, more for obedience, professionalism and social adaptability. The degree of each child is different. I think he learned a lot there, such as washing towels, washing socks and brushing shoes. For example, cooking for parents, he will use a knife to cut shredded potatoes, cut thicker, but also shave, self-care ability has been improved a lot.

When the hair is not dry, when the hair is fragile and easy to break, rub or comb the knotted hair with a comb, and then rub it with a dry towel, which is undoubtedly very serious damage to the hair, and hair loss is inevitable. therefore, before the hair is dry, reduce the number of combing hair, after taking a bath, use a soft towel to dry the hair.

Heat preservation is very important, and kittens under three weeks cannot maintain their body temperature. It is best to put the cat in a cage or in a box, and do not come into contact with other animals, because the kitten is not yet resistant. Then buy a small electric blanket for the cat to sleep, and put some towels in the box. Please keep the temperature at the temperature.

Ye Kui wrapped his wet hair in a towel and wanted to use his strength to steam the water quickly, but he hesitated at the thought of the girl in the living room who was angry with him, and instead picked up the hairdryer on the shelf and untied the wrapped hair again. The long wet silver-purple hair showed a light blue hue in the dim light. Ye Kui lifted her hair to the left side of her shoulder, held a mane comb in her right hand, and patiently combed the tangled long hair one by one.

For example, before taking contact lenses, wash your hands with soap and dry them with hairless towels; minimize contact with water and remove contact lenses before taking a shower, swimming or hot bath; do not rinse contact lenses with tap water; do not wet contact lenses in your mouth; do not use saline and lubricating drops to disinfect lenses, neither of which is an effective or approved disinfectant.

Patients must know that gynecological inflammation is more common, need to do gynecological examination and vaginal secretion examination before a clear diagnosis, need to be under the guidance of the doctor according to the course of symptomatic treatment. It is suggested that patients should be cured only after clear diagnosis of the type of gynecological inflammation. It is recommended that patients should pay attention to keep the vulva clean and hygienic, change underwear frequently, pay attention to menstrual and sexual hygiene, and wash used towels, underwear and basin boiled water.

Do a good job of cleaning after swimming. Bring your own towels, slippers, bath towels and other items before swimming. Proper swimming can not only enhance the physique of patients with vitiligo, but also promote blood circulation and play an auxiliary role in the treatment of vitiligo. However, after swimming, patients with vitiligo should remember to choose a mild detergent to clean the whole body or use diluents such as iodophor for disinfection and then rinse with clean water.

Many people will do other things after washing their faces and let the moisture on their faces dry naturally, but when the water evaporates, it will take away the deep moisture of our skin, which will dry our skin and make our pores thick and big. so we must dry the moisture on our face in time, and finally wipe the face with a disposable towel, so we can avoid the infection of mites or bacteria on the towel.

It is not necessary to think that this kind of car coating machine is only used for car paint and sprayed on the windshield, it can also help you remove the window fog, whether it is the reversing mirror or windshield, or even headlights. Fan Yutian sprayed on the interior windshield, gently wiping with a towel will produce a transparent protective film.

two。 Do a good job in personal health protection for teachers and students. Large and medium-sized meetings and gathering activities should be reduced or avoided as far as possible, and school-wide and grade-wide gatherings should not be held. If it is really necessary to hold a meeting, the number of participants must be controlled in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and each person should be kept above the meter as far as possible. Students should be taught to ventilate, wear masks, focus less, wash their hands frequently, and avoid sharing water cups, tableware, towels, toothbrushes and other items with others. School duty and staff must wear masks. School doctors, isolation observers and their service personnel should make good personal protection to prevent droplet transmission and contact transmission.

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