sweat, parents can prepare a dry towel to help the

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All exposed skin, including lips, ears, hands and neck, should be applied with sunscreen and reapplied at least every 2 hours. If you swim or sweat, you should increase the frequency of smearing. In addition, when wiping water or sweat with a towel, sunscreen usually comes off and needs to be applied more.

In order to let the children spend a full winter vacation, feel the lively atmosphere of the New year, and develop good living, hygiene, study and sports habits, the children in the central kindergarten in Tingluo Town carry out some daily life skills during the holiday: folding quilts, folding towels, tying shoes, and trying to make their own cots. The children in the big class can help their parents and do as much housework as they can, while the children in the small class can do their own things by themselves, go to the toilet, wash their hands, eat by themselves, and wear and undress independently.

5. Prevent burns and burns. First of all, teach children not to play with fire, find the fire and call the police or call for help in time. Call for help in time when you are at the scene of the fire, cover your face with wet towels and flee the fire quickly. You must not overexert yourself to participate in the fire fighting so as not to cause undue harm. The second is to ask parents not to let their children pour boiling water and stay away from high temperature sources.

4, the weather is hot, may sweat, parents can prepare a dry towel to help the baby on the back, take it out after the activity, in case the baby sweats too much and catch cold. Please take good care of your belongings during the activity.

To underwear, usually try to wear loose cotton underwear, keep underwear clean, breathable, these seem simple, but in fact it is very difficult to do, so we must insist on doing a good job, in order to better prevent and treat non-specific vulvitis. For going out to stay in a hotel, swimming, etc., you should also pay attention to personal hygiene, preferably with your own special towels.

1. The facial towels, foot towels and bath towels of gray nail patients should be separated and often sterilized, and the towels should be kept dry; do not wear popular slippers outside, such as bath centers, swimming pools and so on.

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