Every day you can wash the towel s in our class

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This bedside storage basket can be hung at the head of the bed, at the end of the bed, on the side of the bed, can put mobile phones, sockets, books, snacks and other things, and there are hooks below that can hang towels, bath towels and other things, simply not too intimate.

First, do a good job of personal protection. Wash hands frequently; cover mouth and nose with paper towels when coughing or sneezing; eat a balanced diet, exercise, regular schedule, enhance immunity, and keep the living environment clean and ventilated.

two。 When I see your round face and watery eyes, I think you are a lovely girl. You usually observe things carefully, listen carefully in class, finish your homework on time, and write very beautifully. Every day you can wash the towels in our class clean. The teacher wants to say thank you. Now you are more sensible than before. The teacher hopes that you will speak more in class in the future. Strive for greater progress.

When staying in the hotel, the hotel will usually provide some change of towels and bath towels in your bathroom, neatly folded so that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder can be cured, but are the towels in the hotel clean? Many people are not sure. Very often, after waiting for residents to check out, the waiter will recycle and replay the towels and bath towels, then put them into the laundry room of the hotel to wash them, and then pick them up directly to dry them. There is no disinfection in such a program. There is a more terrible phenomenon is that the waiter sees a household useless, will not change directly, so everyone had better bring towels and bath towels from home, can take that kind of disposable, the size of a coin.

After the child is one year old, he should be encouraged to wash in the morning and evening, change clothes and socks frequently, and not touch dirt indiscriminately. After the age of two, he should learn to wash his hands, soap his face, and dry his hands with a towel after washing.

4. Old clothes. If there are no extra towels at home, old clothes can also be considered for use. on the one hand, waste can be used to protect those fragile items, and the method is also very simple. The method is the same as that of towels. Put one layer on top of it. Although old clothes are easier to use without towels, the overall effect is commendable.

4. Tell the child to bend down and crawl in case of fire and demonstrate to the child; tell the child where to stay when he is unable to escape, how to let the firemen find him in time, and how to cover his mouth and nose with a wet towel;

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