first of all, towel s and bath towels dry will

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Solve the toilet odor to start from the source, first of all, towels and bath towels dry will produce musty smell, the use of electric towels drying, but also can remove bacteria, the taste will naturally disappear. The toilet is also easy to produce peculiar smell, to choose the intelligent toilet with deodorization function, the peculiar smell is not seen at all, solve the problem from the source.

After washing your hair, if you blow-dry your hair directly with a hair dryer, it will lose moisture and your hair will naturally become dry and rough. Do not use towels to rub hair directly, excessive friction will damage the hair layer of hair scales, will make the hair dry, but also easy to tie knots. It is recommended that after washing your hair, wrap the wet hair with a dry towel with good water absorption, gently press and absorb the moisture from the hair until the hair does not show dripping phenomenon, and then move on to the next step.

first of all, towel s and bath towels dry will

There was a sudden noise in the backyard. A girl climbed over the wall into my yard, covered in dirt. She looked around carefully and hesitated to knock on my door. I opened the door and stared at me with tearful eyes. I took her into the bathroom and handed her clean clothes and towels. At this time, my brain is still in a blank state, I do not know why I brought her in, maybe the pleas in those eyes moved me, until the little girl washed out, I was still in place.

4. Guy. Gently cover the scalded area with a piece of sterile gauze, if not, replace it with dry and clean towels and soft cloth, but do not use things with floss, these items are easy to adhere to the wound, not easy to clean, and will affect wound treatment.

first of all, towel s and bath towels dry will

two。 Posture: the patient sits with one hand stretched back to the opposite subscapular corner, whichever is the highest position that can be reached without causing pain. A towel roll is padded under the armpit to keep the humeral head away from the articular pelvis under the action of leverage.

In case of fire, self-rescue measures such as rapid evacuation, low waist and covering nose with towels are also very important. As long as the fire-fighting facilities operate normally and people escape in an orderly manner, a large number of casualties will not occur.

first of all, towel s and bath towels dry will

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