Bo simply wipes them with the towel s he carries. In

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On the 11th, Deputy County Mayor Wu Hongfei went to the second Water Plant of the County Water supply Company, the Electric Power Company, and the Zhongmin Gas customer Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towels, umbrellas and other heat prevention and cooling consolation products to the front-line workers, thanking them for providing stable essential factors for the people of the county, and urging everyone to pay attention to heat prevention. It is hoped that the relevant units will do a good job in heat prevention and logistics support, so as to create a cool, safe and comfortable working environment for front-line workers.

Bo simply wipes them with the towel s he carries. In

After the beginning of the annual heating season, in order to do a good job and ensure that users use heat normally, Ren Bo always takes the lead by taking the station as his home, always keeping in mind the enterprise core values of “knowing and doing in one to serve the people”. No matter “day and night” as long as a user calls the butler phone to debug, he tries to go as soon as possible. Sometimes the water suddenly bursts out of wet clothes when developing the radiator, and Ren Bo simply wipes them with the towels he carries. In the cold wind of the night, he wears wet clothes and continues to go to the next user for maintenance. His professional attitude is commendable.

Evacuation sequence: first for the fire floor personnel, when the fire floor affected by the fire all evacuated, began to evacuate the fire floor below the first floor, the lower two floors, and then down. Cover your mouth and nose with breathing masks, wet towels, clothes, etc., to avoid choking by smoke. When smoke is filled, you should follow the direction indicated by the emergency evacuation sign, take the lowest position along the corner of the wall (bend or crawl), and evacuate in an orderly manner outside the building.

Bo simply wipes them with the towel s he carries. In

Loving children with dignity must be reflected in every aspect of life, such as the color of towels in which children wash their faces, the style of clothes, the subjects of interest classes, including what kind of friends to play with, and so on. We should all give children enough choice and decision space, which is respect for children and independent training.

A cleaning septic tank, oil-water separation tank, sewage treatment tank and cleaning building water tank, storage tank, swimming pool B cleaning clogged municipal pipes caused by the inflow of viscous materials, such as animal and vegetable oils, faeces, silt and garbage 2. Pipe dredging: C Municipal Pipeline: equipped with large machinery Dredge all kinds of main pipes, municipal pipes and other large sewers D industrial pipes: factory water pipes, sewer pipes dredging, cleaning, maintenance services E bathtub basin: dredge various types of bathtub, basin, vegetable pool F toilet / squat pit: dredge the blockage caused by rags, towels, cleaning balls or various soft and hard objects into the toilet G floor drain: dredge due to cement, sand, hair,

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