on the toilet supplies: toothbrushes, toothcups, towel s, etc., and the

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2. Droplet transmission: when we wash our hands, when we flush the toilet, we all cause a large amount of droplets to float in the air, and eventually deposit on the toilet supplies: toothbrushes, toothcups, towels, etc., and the water flushing the toilet will carry some bacteria in the stool: E. coli, Candida, etc., droplets flying everywhere with bacteria will eventually spread to users with great hidden dangers.

2. In order to avoid contact with HPV virus, avoid using public items such as towels, bath towels and rubbing towels outside. It is best to choose squatting toilets when going to public toilets and swimming pools with qualified disinfection indicators when swimming.

If you want to prevent tinea pedis, you should pay attention to the following aspects in daily life: the room should be ventilated regularly, keep the indoor temperature and humidity appropriate, and avoid dampness; keep the skin of the feet clean and dry, and actively treat them if the feet are sweaty; choose a shower and finally wash your feet, or rinse with alkaline soap or running water, and then wipe dry. Wear cotton socks to absorb sweat and breathe, frequently change shoes and socks, towels, shoes, socks and towels should be placed in a ventilated place after cleaning; bathroom supplies and clothing should be strictly disinfected and must not be shared with others; should be actively treated to reduce the chance of self-infection; pay attention to hygiene, do not go to unclean baths, swimming pools, do not walk barefoot in public swimming pools and other places.

Personal care. Toothbrushes, razors, these are the things you use at home, just buy a bigger grooming bag for the hotel, there is no need to buy anything portable. Washing and care products are recommended to be packed separately or in that smaller package. Towels can be replaced by disposable facial towels, clean and easy to wear. You can buy another one after entering the arena and just throw it away when you leave. There is also a roll of garbage bags in the suitcase, which may not be used easily.

It is very difficult for mentally handicapped young people to accomplish one thing on their own, so Xu Qin asked his students to cooperate with each other. The students scrubbed the car in different positions, different color towels corresponding to different parts, blue body cleaning, purple door frame cleaning, red glass cleaning. When all the towels on the wall are used up, the car will be washed clean.

on the toilet supplies: toothbrushes, toothcups, towel s, etc., and the

6. Towels / cotton quilts, newborns may have varying degrees of jump reaction and restless sleep within three months. The quilt can be used to wrap the baby and create a sense of security surrounded by the mother for ta. Dabao had at least two cotton quilts left, so this time I prepared a towel quilt.

1. If you have a bag on your head, it means there is a subscalp hematoma. Applying it to the affected area with an ice bag can relieve the bleeding. If the head starts to bleed after being hit, press the wound door with a clean towel to stop the bleeding, then go to the hospital to stitch up the wound and check for internal injuries. In both cases, the head must be bandaged under pressure to stop the bleeding through pressure. You can use a household scarf or torn sheets.

This is what I think is the most technical. Similar to an oxygen cylinder (but much smaller), there is a 40cm metal nozzle on the outside. First, pour water into the clogged pipe about 10cm away from the pipe mouth, put the metal nozzle into the pipe, and wrap the pipe mouth with a wet towel. Turn on the air pressure switch, hear the clear sound of water, the end of the project.

Our park regularly inspects the health work of the whole garden, and the staff of the health care room do a good morning check-up every day in accordance with the requirements of the kindergarten, and deal with the problems in time. Every day, the teaching staff of our garden carry on the xx daily life of young children, ensuring that every classroom, dormitory, canteen, etc., have a certain degree of hygiene and cleanliness, check towels and mouth cups every week, and remove unsafe items, such as knives, scissors, and so on. Timely and proper handling of problems found.

Fifth, we should actively do a good job in the hygiene of the package dry areas arranged in the park. Make sure that the toilet is flushed regularly every day to keep it free of stains and odors. Strictly do a good job in disinfection, disinfect the afternoon sleeping room and activity room with ultraviolet light after school every day, dilute the movable utensils, building blocks and toilet floors with “84”, disinfect towels and teacups every day, and carry out safety education for young children. placement accidents happen.

on the toilet supplies: toothbrushes, toothcups, towel s, etc., and the

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