chose to wipe their hair with towel s, but because the

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Hair film: after washing your hair, dry the hair with a towel, then apply the hair film, wrap it with a wet towel or bath cap, wait 15 to 20 minutes to take it off and rinse off with clean water. Of course, the effect of using electric cap will be better if conditions permit.

In the older generation, family conditions were not good at that time, and people at that time often chose to wipe their hair with towels, but because the towels could not fully absorb the moisture in their hair, they could only go to bed by the window or wait for their hair to dry naturally, but it was a waste of time. With the progress of the times, more and more families have hair dryers, which can not only dry their hair quickly, but also greatly save the cost of time.

2. Prepare a towel soaked in clean water, put it inside the shoe, and then put the shoe and towel together in the frozen layer of the refrigerator for freezing. as the towel freezes gradually, it will slowly enlarge the inner space of the shoe, and after repeated operation several times, the inside of the shoe will become loose.

When many car owners see that the car is dirty, they think it would be better to wipe it with a towel, which can not only save money, but also achieve a certain cleaning effect. In fact, this idea is not entirely correct. Because of the material structure of the car interior, often using towels can not achieve the purpose of effective cleaning, and some good cars because of the material, using towels will also increase the wear and tear of the materials. Moreover, if you use a wet towel, it will leave water stains, which will be difficult to clean, and if the metal surface will also produce oxidation reaction, which will accelerate the aging of the parts, and the damage caused to your car is irreversible. I believe it is also very distressing for car owners to see it. So what can we do to clean the dust in the car?

After reading the design case of the towel rack in the bathroom above, do you already have an idea about how to design the towel rack in your own bathroom? Although the towel rack is only a small thing, it is also an indispensable design for the bathroom, so we should find a good place to put it to avoid that there is no room for clothes and towels.

chose to wipe their hair with towel s, but because the

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